Our Services

Quality Structural Steel Detailing

At Streamline Design Solutions Inc, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality product possible. To us, Detailing is an art as well as a profession, and by consistent and intelligent input, our expertly trained staff produce the most reliable detailing in the industry.

Steadfast and reliable service assures our customers of a consistently superior product regardless of project size or complexity.

Streamline’s professional procedures and adherence to excellence eliminates redundancy and ensures you stay ahead of schedule.

ALL projects, ALL models, ALL details are tracked and fully checked.


3 levels of checking 

Streamline uses MDM software to coordinate and check both the Model and Drawings at three distinct levels. MDM’s Project Management Suite tracks every aspect of each member. MDM creates accurate, up to date transmittals ensuring customers have access to all required data from project initiation to completion.

  • Level 1: Grid layout and Main Member Input. At this early stage, an accurate Advanced Bill of Material is available.
  • Level 2: Complete Model check that includes all connections and secondary material.
  • Level 3: Thorough coordinating check of both the Model and Drawings.
Secure customer access
  • 24-7 real time project accessibility from any internet source utilizing IRyS Global Inc. remote desktop.  
  • In real time, customers, engineers, erectors and the shop can easily view projects.  
  • Oversee job with instant access to project status.
  • Experience the confidence of having up to date, concurrent design drawings.
3D Esti-modeling services  
  • Impress clients with dynamic 3-Dimentional project drawings.
  • Accurate Advanced Bill of Material.
  • Valuable project visualization.   
  • Estimodel fees credited to awarded project.
  • Affordable hourly rate.*
2D Clean-up services**
  • Prepared with fully developed 3D models, accomplish 2D clean-up overnight while you sleep.
  • Increase production, stay ahead of deadlines and maximize profitability.

*  IRyS Global user discount
**  IRyS Global users only

Our History and Goals

In 2001, Streamline Design Solutions began as a single idea. That idea was to provide the structural steel industry with the highest quality drawings possible. In 2007, Streamline incorporated and expanded by hiring fulltime detailers and checkers. Staying ahead of North America’s rapidly developing demand for more efficient drawings and quicker Advanced Bills of Material, Streamline migrated to a remote work environment in 2017. With an ever dynamic and growing international staff, Streamline’s efforts chase the Sun to provide a 24-hour-day operation to its customers. Our staff of highly trained professionals endeavors to deliver the highest quality Detailing product in the Industry. Today, the idea of Streamline is alive, vibrant and ready to serve you.